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ASM build instructions

Assembling a program

To assemble a program, run python3 > {outfile.list}. The code is always stored in code.asm. The assembler will produce a text file with 32 1's and 0's and some comments for each line. To convert this into a binary, run from the Programmer directory.

The arguments os or bdos {offset} can be used when assembling BDOS and a bdos user program. More details can be found in the Assembler wiki page.

Assembling a userBDOS program from FPGC

A user program can also be assembled from the FPGC itself using the asm userBDOS program found in BCC/FPGCbuildTools/asm/. Within BDOS, run asm {code.asm} {out.bin}. This assembler will directly assemble to an output binary that can be run from BDOS.

Assembling a program for simulation in Verilog

See and for examples on what is needed to assemble a program into the simulated rom/flash of the FPGC. This is useful for testing very small programs or individual instructions in simulation without having to write binary manually.